How to become a Cultural Entrepreneur

How to combine Music and Business and become a Cultural Entrepreneur?

You're a professional musician, you have all the necessary diplomas and now you're ready to hit the stage. You're all set up for a successful music career. But what if you cannot find concerts? What do you have to do in order to be successful in a music career? In other words, how to become a successful cultural entrepreneur?

How to start a career

Where and when do you start your career? Do you aim to go for an orchestra position? Or you have ambitions to become a soloist? Maybe you prefer chamber music or a teaching career? Or you want to have it all?  It could seem quite scary in the beginning because there are so many musicians and so many options. How do you get the attention of promoters, festivals, orchestra? How to deal with contracts and money matters? How do you find your way in the digital world without getting lost?  Before you're even on stage, you have to deal with a million questions and matters. Many of you tell me very often: "I just want to play my music". Yes, that's something we all would like, to do just the thing we like most. But it also makes you lazy and easy-going. Why not learn entrepreneurial skills and get solid ground underneath the feet!

What does it take to be successful in your music career?

A first step is to do some inside work. Break it down into little steps.

  • What does it mean to you to be a musician?
  • What is your mission?
  • Where do you see yourself within three years?

After you have figured that out, don't stress yourself, but allow your path to have unexpected curves. It might be that along your chosen way you encounter people in your network who hand you something or offer you an opportunity that you have never ever thought of.

In other words: make a plan but be ready for unexpected reroutings!

Ray Chen breaks string and swaps violin with concertmaster

How to become a cultural entrepreneur?

In order to become one, we first need to understand what it is. To be honest, I could not find any clear answer to what precisely this term means. The closest explanation was this one: "A cultural entrepreneur is a producer of art who tries to interest as much as possible paying public." Let me break it down for you in very simple words.

You're an artist, you love what you do and you are creative and clever in finding ways to make a living out of your passion. 

It's as simple as that. We could spend endless discussion and difficult terms to divine the term cultural entrepreneur, but for those who know me better, I prefer to keep it simple and clear!

Self-management for musicians

How to put this into practice?

  • Be active
  • Be creative
  • Be smart
  • Make a plan
  • Set your goals (including the financial one!)
  • Communicate
  • Follow up
  • Be committed, persistent and...
  • Never give up!

EMPOWER yourself and get organized

You need to EMPOWER and get organized. My interactive self-management course will offer you all the steps to be learned and taken. As an artist manager myself and working in the classical music field for more than 25 years, I will guide you personally. In 22 very clear music business tutorials, including PDF overviews and exercises, I will help you to find your way in the music business in easy and clear steps. Clear instructions will teach you how to implement the things you've learned. Become a successful cultural entrepreneur and take your career into your own hands. Interested? Find out more here.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Irma de Jong