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Music and Business - How to build a successful career?
You have all the necessary diplomas, and you're ready to hit the stage. How do you find concerts as a professional musician? What do you do to be successful in a music career? It might seem overwhelming because there are so many musicians, so many options, and a whole digital world where it is so easy to feel overwhelmed, desperate and not knowing where to start your promotion.

Being great at playing is not enough if you want to succeed in the music business! Being a PRO means understanding the basics of promotion and communication and learning how to choose the right media and how to use them effectively.

Know what and how to communicate
The key to success is to know how, when and what to communicate. Together we work on building up skills to have you effectively communicate and network. You will learn all about branding and positioning and about basic human skills like understanding cultural differences and generation management. We will teach you everything you need to know to make your music career to success and to be able to earn your well-deserved music business salary! In other words: you become a powerful cultural entrepreneur!

Empowering musicians
We will get you organised in easy and clear steps. This interactive self-management course to EMPOWER musicians offers you all the tools and means, and we show how they work to your benefit. Your instructor Irma de Jong, artist manager herself and working in the classical music field for more than 25 years, will guide you personally. In 22 very clear music business tutorials, including PDF overviews and exercises, she will help you to find your way in the music business. Clear instructions are easy to implement. Learn to be a successful communicator, not only in music but also verbally, in writing and on the internet. Interested? Keep on reading!

Learning Content

  • How to build your music career
  • How to get smart in networking and find more concerts
  • Why a website works and how to create it
  • What are the best social media platforms, and how do you use it
  • How to brand and position yourself
  • How to manage yourself as an artist and why this is not an impossible task
  • How to become a happy musician!

At the end of this course, you will understand and know how to apply the rules for the music business. You will have chosen great tools to make the community listen to you and will be able to enlarge your network to the most significant boundaries. You will no longer lose time and get straight to the goal. And last but not least, you will know how to combine your musical talent with business and achieve a respectable music business salary.

Don't hesitate and join us in the interactive course to EMPOWER.


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"All the skills I learned were immediately applicable to my professional everyday life as a musician!"
C. Violinist.


"Irma is not only an experienced artist manager and committed teacher, but also a very nice person, and her feedback is always constructive."

"I considerably improved my knowledge about self-administration, how to communicate with promoters, how to write a good biography (depending on different purposes), what a good website should look like and how I can use different social media platforms."

"She presented everything in a way that even non-native English speakers (such as myself) could understand/follow and her practical approach to serious matters gave us confidence regarding our future problems." (G. clarinettist)

"Irma is fantastic, extremely practical and full of ideas. She is a nice and helpful person and is very personal in her professional advice" L., composer

"I really enjoyed the "Self Management for Musicians" course with Irma de Jong. Each lesson consists of several, not too long, units that are both informative and entertaining." CB., Violinist


"Thank you very much for your advice, links and videos!" MB., Saxophonist