We offer the complete service to publish your music!

Cicerone MA Streams offers you the complete service to publish your music, and no production costs are charged!

What is it?

Publish your music on the most important channels and platforms!

We produce your performances and care for their publishing (no expenses asked). Your music is recorded, edited, and published by renowned professionals (with no expenses) and shared on over 30 platforms.

Sign-up, get in touch with us, get your contract, and start earning with your music!

How it works

You sign-up and send us an audio track. We select musicians for Classical Music, Blues, and jazz.

You'll be invited to our studios for one or more recording sessions in Italy; if you already have recordings, we'll take care of the final editing. If you cannot travel but can record by yourself, we'll be your consultants to help you do it at your best, and anyway, we'll do the final editing.

Again, no money will be charged for any phase of production.

The masters will be published on many platforms; here are the most important ones:
Apple Music / Amazon / Itunes / Spotify / Deezer / YouTube / Tidal / Pandora / Cubomusica / Tencent

You'll receive 50% of the brute income from any platform where your music is monetized.

You will also be represented on Cicerone Music & Art website as one of our featured artists, with your bio and the links to your music for any of the platforms mentioned above.

Your Benefits

  • Reach a Wide Audience
  • Accessibility
  • Get noticed

Wider Audience Reach
Audio streaming platforms have a vast user base, with millions of listeners worldwide. This expanded reach allows you to connect with listeners from various regions and cultures, potentially increasing your fan base and exposure.

Streaming platforms provide easy access to music, allowing listeners to discover and enjoy music instantly.

Discoverability and Recommendation Algorithms
Sophisticated recommendation algorithms are used on platforms that analyze users' listening habits and preferences. These algorithms recommend music to users based on their tastes, increasing the likelihood of discovering new artists and songs. As a musician, having your music included in these algorithms can lead to increased exposure and the opportunity to be discovered by listeners who might not have encountered your work otherwise.

Revenue Generation
Musicians can earn royalties based on the number of streams their songs receive, allowing for a potentially steady income stream.

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What kind of musician are you?


Is this for edited or original compositions?
Both, but in the case of original music composition, you'll be asked to send documents about registration of your music where it is stated that you are the legitimate owner of the compositions.

Is this only for Soloists?
In principle, any lineup could be selected, but we mainly search for Soloists, Duos, Trios & Small Ensembles.

Who will be the owner of my music or performance?
You'll remain the only legitimate original music and performance owner. We're not acquiring copyrights; we manage the exclusive right to reproduce and distribute the recordings for a limited number of years.

So I cannot perform my music for some years?
No, you can. You're free to perform, record live, give masterclasses, participate in events, etc. The only thing that you cannot do is to use "those" recordings, neither for free uploading nor for commercial purposes, because we will be the exclusive distributors.

Publishing music is highly beneficial!


√  It expands your audience reach,

√ Helps your discoverability

√ Provides revenue generation.

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