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New blog about picturesque Warmond at the Kagerplassen in the Netherlands, home of Dutch painter Jan Steen. Go beyond the tourist crowds and discover a lovely part of the Netherlands, full of watersport, Dutch windmills, art and culture.


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Gwendolyn Masin & ORIGIN

Gwendolyn Masin and her ensemble ORIGIN performed in Teatro Social Como, on April 9th, 2019. ORIGIN showcases pieces from the countries of Gwendolyn’s roots while others are companions from her childhood. The program witnessed to the unity of this contemporary master with some of the best and freshest talent – Gwendolyn’s students. Watch the video!

Anastasiya Petryshak in concert

Anastasiya Petryshak and pianist Lorenzo Meo performed a beautiful concert with French repertoire in the Chiesa di San Giovanni in Dagnente, Italy. The audience was left emotional and overwhelmed with the joy of listening to a beautiful concert. From a reaction of one of the visitors: “in total harmony with the excellent pianist Lorenzo Meo, virtuosity and musicality have thoroughly vibrated the souls of a spellbound public. Violinist Anastasiya Petryshak: what an incredible talent you have!”