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Classical musician Mayke Rademakers recorded her first CD with the E-Cello and a loop station. The CD “Stagioni” was released in February 2018 on Challenge Records and has a daring combination of Hildegard von Bingen, Sephardic folk, blues, minimal music and elements from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. We spoke with Mayke about her struggle, challenge, motivation and inspiration to record this new project in her classical musician life. Read on 

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Gwendolyn Masin & ORIGIN

Gwendolyn Masin and her ensemble ORIGIN perform in Teatro Social Como, on April 9th, 2019. ORIGIN showcases pieces from the countries of Gwendolyn’s roots while others are companions from her childhood. The program bears witness to the unity of this contemporary master with some of the best and freshest talent – Gwendolyn’s students. The compositions and improvisations are the basis of a concert and open educational rehearsal in Como.


Learn how to play legendary songs on the classical guitar. Four famous songs, like Wish you were here and Tears in Heaven, beautifully arranged by Juan Manuel Ruiz Pardo,

Suitable for intermediate and advanced levels.

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Matthias Kadar “How to make your song”. Matthias’interactive course for Cicerone Music and Art takes you on a musical and learning journey on how to compose your own song. Now available as Christmas gift for only €45.

Learn to compose your own songs from the “Jacques Brel of the 21st Century”