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Music First! (since 1998)

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Miriam Fried dedicated almost a year to complete her online Bach video encyclopedia. It’s a true declaration of love and admiration for Bach. This complete online video series about Bach’s violin solo repertoire is the only one in the world ever created and exclusively available on iClassical Academy. Read on 

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Rudolf Koelman & Amit Peled

Rudolf Koelman and Amit Peled are part of the Jury at the Schoenfeld International String Competition, starting July 18th in Harbin, China. They will play together a recital to compare each other length 😉


Learn how to play legendary songs on the classical guitar. Four famous songs, like Wish you were here and Tears in Heaven, beautifully arranged by Juan Manuel Ruiz Pardo,

Suitable for intermediate and advanced levels.

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Matthias Kadar “How to make your song”. Matthias’interactive course for Cicerone Music and Art takes you on a musical and learning journey on how to compose your own song.

Learn to compose your own songs from the “Jacques Brel of the 21st Century”