Your Website is Your Online Business Card!

Your Website is Your Online Business Card!

Make your artist identity visual and authentic with an attractive and clear website

Your website is like your online business card, a possibility to share with your audience and fans information about you, your ensemble, and your projects. It’s your property, and you have the choice to decide how many pages you use, what kind of pictures you put, which videos you show and the layout of the site. It’s a tool to make your identity visual and authentic.

A Website gives you more freedom!

Social media networks, offer you tools that are prepared in a standard format, allowing you to use it in many ways, but the layout and the options are determined by a third party and you cannot change it. In fact, would they decide to change or update the format, you might lose certain options. Your website gives you entire freedom and independence to determine what and to whom you communicate.

How important is your website?

  • You are independently deciding what to do
    It’s your authentic business card
  • There is only one like you
  • You can give it your own touch
  • You can update and change whenever you want

What should be on your website?

  • A clear menu with a maximum of 8 topics
  • An attractive biography! (How to write it)
  • People should easily find your contact details
  • The home page makes clear at one glimpse what your site is about
  • Divide your activities into clear subjects on the menu
  • Use pictures that reflect your personality
  • Use video material for different activities. (For example as a soloist, chamber musician, teacher, keynote speaker )
  • Make sure to have an internal link-structure
  • Provide an updated concert schedule (there is nothing more painful than a site with an old agenda!)
  • A clear side map, so people understand where to find what

Besides, you can decide to add

  • A shop
  • How to download your compositions/arrangements
  • Icons for social media
  • Blogs that you write
  • Invitation to subscribe to a newsletter

Geneva Brass QUINTET

What you should avoid

  • Writing the menu in English and the rest of your site in a different language
  • Never write "Welcome" to your homepage!
  • Using different ways of writing: one time in the "I" and then in the third person
  • Creating a jungle with too much information so people get lost
  • Not updating the site on a regular base
  • Adding a contact address/phone that you never check...

Remember the Golden Rule

Make sure to always answer:

  • Who
  • What
  • Why
  • How
  • Where

Last but not least

Make sure your SEO is in place and use a tool to check how you rate on the internet! Don't be shy and google yourself (or ask your friends to do it) to see how you rank with your site. You need a quick and easy course to learn it all? Find it here.

Should you need more assistance...

Our interactive self-management course will offer you all the steps you need to know how to create your website. Instructor Irma de Jong, artist manager and working in the classical music field for more than 25 years, will guide you personally. In 22 very clear music business tutorials, including PDF overviews and exercises, she will help you to build your visual identity in easy steps. Clear instructions will guide you through. Interested? Find out more here.

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