History of electric guitar – unique Fender Guitar Collection

One of the most complete and unique Fender Guitar collections in the world.

Recognised by the Fender Factory

By Gianriccardo Pera

Everyone who's passionate about electric guitars knows what Fender is, and what it represents for music. Fender represents the concept of the guitar itself and has a distinct sound which for hundreds of players, thousands of fans and many millions of simple citizens contained a message which was accompanying the rhythm of their whole lives, resounding in their minds in the happiest moment as well as in their odds. Now I'm proud to present a really unique Fender Vintage Guitar Instruments Collection and Equipment, It includes more than 120 instruments, amplifiers and gadgets and is recognised by the Fender Factory itself.

Fender Guitars was the sound of individual expression, as well as the sound of the best-liked memories and sensations. But most of all, for all of us guitar players, it was a sound always stored in their most intimate thought, and always bringing the exact meaning of the word "freedom". Bruce Springsteen and his 1956 Fender Telecaster were one of the first performers to spread this feeling worldwide:

Bruce Springsteen and his telecaster


Fender Guitar Collection

Fender electric mandolin

Now I'm proud to present a really unique Fender Vintage Instruments Collection and Equipment, to be used for international exhibitions. It includes more than 120 instruments, amplifiers and gadgets. You can find extraordinary unique instruments, for example, this electric mandolin which Fender produced in the 1950s.


This collection was created by two Italian musicians, with a passion for guitars, Flavio Camorani and Michela Taioli from Floyd Machine. It took them more than 20 years of research to collect all the instruments that Fender produced from 1950 until 1974, which is considered the best era of the legendary American brand.

Fender Guitar Collection

Fiesta Red Series

The instruments are collected in their full original version, therefore with all the original parts, such as strings, pickups, electric parts, and of course with their original painting. Seminars and workshops can also be provided, so the viewer understands why these instruments are so precious and unique. During the exhibition, the participants will be allowed to try the instruments, under the supervision of the event personnel.

As many already know, besides the famous guitars and basses Fender also produced some different instruments, like an innovative keyboard called "Fender Rhodes", most known as "the piano bass". It's a keyboard which actually produces the sound of a bass guitar, and was made famous by The Doors, which actually never had a bassist because the bass parts were played by the keyboardist with this instrument:

Fender Guitar Collection

Fender Rhodes Piano-Bass

Let me know your experiences with these wonderful guitars and if you’d like to find out more about this unique event, I’ll be happy to get in contact!