Miriam Fried on Bach Allemande in B minor (from Partita No. 1)

By Geertje Podevyn

Miriam Fried shares her musical legacy brilliantly on the iClassical Academy platform with her Masterclass on Bach's Allemande in B minor. From the very start, Miriam Fried understands that every musician should start with a plan on what this music is really about.

Miriam Fried Bach Masterclass

J.S. Bach was one of the greatest composers ever, and there is a reason for every note that he wrote. The choice of B minor is the key of patience and calm awaiting. In the masterclass, it is evident and audible that Miriam Fried plays in that atmosphere. Her violin sound and baroque bow show clearly what the phrasing means.

This broad and high level of playing is clearly shown in the Masterclass about Bach's Partita No. 1 in B Minor BWV 1002 - Allemande.  It's an excellent masterclass by iClassical Academy and  Miriam Fried. I find it very interesting to replay and listen carefully as much as you want on this e-learning digital platform. I don't know any other medium that gives the new generation of students so many possibilities to understand the legacy of J.S.Bach.

The precise explanation of the structure of the music by Miriam Fried is combined with her very warm and refined violin sound. The horizontal and vertical meaning is clearly explained. The attention for the melody as well as for the Bass is well shown. In the Allemande, it is essential to respect the basic tactics on which Miriam Fried focusses in detail. The different angles and views in which the video is made show the movements of the bow very good of the student. The structure of the lesson is well planned.

First Miriam Fried explains the meaning, then comes the focus on the movements. The conclusion is clearly set by her on which different aspects the student can work on. The progress of the student is quite fast. He does a good job too 🙂 With all the digital information given by iClassical Academy, it is wonderful to reach so many young people and others at any time. Keep looking and listening for the follow-up.

Another amazing discovery is her exclusive 210-minute declaration of love and admiration for Bach, a complete online video encyclopedia about Bach's violin solo repertoire, also one of its kind. It's called a musical jewel and that is certainly not an exaggeration!

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Geertje Podevyn, professional violinist and teacher