Stagioni - E-Cello Epoch


“Mayke Rademakers' Stagioni is a mesmerizing performance. The synergy with her instrument is incredible.”


Four seasons of beauty, rituals, and eternity

Stagioni is about the miracle of birth, the beauty and the circle of life, the rituals of man and nature, and eternity.

A symphonic ode to life, love, and nature

A symphony live built on stage by Mayke and her E-cello composed of four seasons of beauty, rituals and eternity. A symphonic ode to life, love, and nature.

Combining Hildegard von Bingen, Sephardic folk music, blues, minimal music, and Vivaldi's Four Seasons elements, this live performance takes you from ancient music to hypnotizing minimal music, blues, and rock. A delightful discovery for the ears, a concert like no other, and a truly unique experience.

Mayke Rademakers is a renowned classical solo cellist, improviser, and recording artist. She performed worldwide and is among the first to have composed an extensive solo work for electric cello.

"The E-Cello is a relatively new instrument; it has not yet conquered its proper place in classical music. It presents an enormous spectrum of sound colors and the possibility of polyphony when played with a loop and other effect pedals. I needed to consider the loop station as an instrument.
Composing and improvising. If you come to Stagioni, you will see me play on E-cello, with effect pedals and a loop station, which enables me to play polyphonic.
The whole symphony, with all the themes/melodies and harmonies, are built up live on stage."

Mayke Rademakers is a regular guest at many recitals, chamber music performances, and solo concerts in Europe, England, and the US, including at the Aspen Festival.

Her CD recordings with works by, among others, Shostakovich, Rachmaninoff, Bridge, Brahms, Liszt, and Franck are unanimously praised by the international press.

Together with her partner for life, pianist Matthijs Verschoor, Mayke received an award from the French Academy of Art and Science for their commitment to French music in 2014.

“Her amazing and captivating way of playing the e-cello is unique, and she more than deserved the standing ovation at the end of the concert.”

- P. Wirth, Switzerland