“Amado Mio” romantic and dark side of love

Classic song "Amado Mio" arranged for piano and cello

By Irma de Jong

Fulvia Mancini developed the special idea of re-arranging this song by the Italian composer Beddini.  "Amado Mio" is a song from the classic 1946 film noir Gilda, written by Doris Fisher and Allan Roberts . The piece was lip- synched by Rita Hayworth and sung by Anita Kert Ellis. Grace Jones's rendition of the song on her 1989 album Bulletproof Heart is the most well known. The idea of creating a bridge between classic and modern

is realised by Duo Athena. This duo is formed by two high qualified Italian musicians, Fulvia Mancini, cello, and Irene Puccia, piano. Both are from Sicily and lived in the same city, Bologna before they moved to Switzerland where they are currently living and performing.

It was Fulvia Mancini, who developed this special idea of re-arranging this song by the Italian composer Eleonora Beddini exclusively for Duo Athena in 2015. The result for piano and cello is just AMAZING.

Duo Athena playing Amado Mio for piano and cello

Duo Athena playing Amado Mio

Fulvia Mancini explaining the music

"The music consists of two parts, a romance in which the piano accompanies the singing cello voice, sometimes closing in rhythmic tones, to conclude with tango- style tones. The initial video shot begins with a walk and represents love in its simplest form, nature and human being. However, this music shows us two forms of love; the romantic and dark side. The choreography and the music follow these two characters, combining warm colours of the artists' clothes with black leather jackets and high heels in the second part. That lends obscurity to a theme which always has put artists and writers in hard conditions. What is love? A dark part of our unconscious that we can't control and that transforms us completely?"

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Irma de Jong