Supporting the next generation of classical musicians

Meet Musica con le Ali; supporting the next generation of classical musicians

They still exist; benefactors in the classical music world. People with a big heart and passion for Art & Music. People that care about supporting young talent. In Italy, the association "Musica con le Ali" (music with "wings to take flight") was created in 2016, by Carlo Hruby and his family. This Association supports the best young Italian talents in classical music to give them tools and opportunities for professional growth and visibility, as an impressive start or boost of their career. We spoke to Carlo Hruby about his passion and determination. 

Carlo Hruby, Founder and President Musica con le Ali ©Michele Crosera

What was your motivation to create the association?

"Through the activity of the Enzo Hruby Foundation, which I set up together with my family eleven years ago which supports the protection of the Italian cultural heritage, I deepened my knowledge of the world of classical music. This happened especially when we decided to organise projects for the protection of the Italian musical heritage.  For instance, we supported a music project with the Violin Museum of Cremona,  the Benedetto Marcello Conservatory of Venice, we organised a festival around Paganini's “Cannone” violin, and collaborated with the Luigi Cherubini Conservatory of Florence.  All of them perfect occasions to present young and talented musicians."

"To me the value of classical music is twofold: on the one hand, it is that of instruments, often real works of art, and with significant economic value too; on the other hand the importance of classical music itself, which represents one of the most important intangible cultural heritage of Italy and the whole world. Between these two components, some musicians are facing a challenging path. Deepening this world, I realised that for young musicians, especially in Italy, the road is uphill. Even after years of formation, many of them, also the brightest ones, risk not being able to assert themselves, simply because they are not adequately prepared to face the delicate transition between school and profession.  Also, very often, they do not have the entrepreneurial ability to transform music from a passion to a profession. "

Erica Piccotti performing in Venice

What kind of support do you offer young musicians?

"Young talents are carefully selected among the best students of institutions of higher education. We support them at their educational journey and help them to establish a classical music career through a personalised plan we create for them, based on the characteristics and needs of each."

"Focusing its action on the best young Italian musicians, our Association Musica con le Ali carries out a series of activities for their growth and promotion. Think of the organisation of concerts in places of high prestige to the support of attending master classes, perform in the most prestigious festivals and concert seasons, support for record productions with renowned labels; or support in communication, which is a fundamental and essential tool for their visibility and for the enhancement of their abilities."

What do you think is essential for young musicians in today's musical world?

"Unfortunately, to be successful today in the world of classical music is not enough. You also must possess entrepreneurial skills. For young talented performers, it means intensely engaging on several fronts. It implicates making well-calculated choices and following a coherent path, not only musical but also professional in a broad sense, paying particular attention to all aspects of communication. Our Association supports them in this sense, enriching their cultural baggage, for example, through initiatives aimed at expanding their musical repertoire. For example, a recent recording project supported by our Association is dedicated to the work of Johann Adolf Hasse."

Interview for TG2 (in Italian only)

We  support young talents not only by promoting by having them present in the most important musical seasons and theatres, but we also offer them opportunities for growth by giving them the opportunity to perform with famous and established musicians in a specially dedicated concert season that takes place at the famous  Theater "La Fenice" in Venice."

How can young musicians become part?

"We concentrate our efforts on a small number of carefully selected young people aged between 17 and 26-27. Periodically, when there is the possibility, we welcome new ones, carefully selected by our Artistic Direction following spontaneous nominations or recommendations from music institutions of the highest levels of classical music training."

What is your wish for the future of Italian musicians?

"Our desire is to see them valued and promoted as they deserve, engaged in prestigious careers. In this regard, I would like to close by emphasising that to give a future to classical music and to young talented performers it is necessary to create, in a capillary way, even an audience of young listeners. To do this we need to encourage the participation of young people in concerts and commit ourselves with great determination in this sense, more than has been done so far."

"As part of the “Musica con le Ali” concert season at the Teatro La Fenice in Venice, our Association has dedicated the “Millennials” initiative, offering young people under 25 an entrance ticket for the symbolic price of 2 euros. The “Millennials” campaign, already launched with great success at the Teatro La Fenice Foundation, was taken up with conviction because it is in full harmony with our objectives. I am very confident that based on the experience that we are living with Musica con le Ali, I will see greater involvement on the part of young people towards classical music than is commonly thought."

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