Outclassing Acoustic Nirvana Arrangement

Fantastic playing of acoustic Nirvana arrangement "Smells like a teen spirit" (video)

Back from Cremona Mondo Musica 2017, we found a great guitarist playing a great piece. His name is Gavino Loche, and he was playing an unbelievable version of Nirvana’s hit single “Smells like a teen spirit”.

He is a virtuoso of the guitar, capable of moving from one genre to the next with the greatest of ease.
Those who hear him are bewitched by his talent. It really looks like you’re listening to a band, rather than to a single soloist.

He recently released an interview, where he was asked to tell about himself and his fantastic technique. About his idles, he mentioned Chet Atkins, Pat Meheny, Carl Verheyen and Don Ross.

He already published a record containing original compositions, entitled “Where was I?” and he’s preparing a second one, which will include some arrangements of renown songs.

About his style, he said that he prefers to do arrangements in standard tuning, or at the most using a drop D tuning; for the original songs he likes to use open tunings, to use better the open strings, and he also likes to srop all the strings by half a tone. Normally he uses 14/56 strings.

Here’s the main point of his career so far:

In 2010 he won the award for the best up-and-coming Italian guitar player at the A.D.G.P.A (Atkins-Dadi Guitar Player Association Italy) annual convention.

Winner of the “Concorso Italiano chitarre 2010” (Italian Guitar Contest 2010).

Winner of the guitar contest “Arrangiatevi” (2013).

He has taken part in several jazz and blues festivals, such as:
– 44th edition of International Pori jazz festival (Finland)
– Festival de la Guitare (France)
– Bath Fringe Festival (United Kingdom)
– Acoustic Guitar Village (Cremona Mondomusica, Italy)
– Guitar International Rendez-vous (Conegliano, Italy)
– Acoustic Guitar Meeting (Sarzana, Italy)
– Hey Joe (Bologna, Italy)
– Sputnik Music Festival (Bologna)
– Acoustic Franciacorta (Provaglio d’Iseo, Italy)
– Festival delle arti (Bologna, Italy)
– Ethnic Meeting of Music and Arts in Sardinia (Olbia, Sardinia)
– Ghironda Musica (Modern Art Museum, Bologna)
– Ferentino Acustica (Ferentino, Italy)
– SHG (Milano, Italy)
– Guitars & Beyond (Milano, Italy)
– Fiuggi Guitar Festival (Fiuggi, Italy)
– Kalabracustica (Francavilla Marittima, Italy)