musiXange: Free Musical Services for classical musicians

musiXange: Free Musical Services

by Paul Cassarly

As a European organization that wants to teach the world classical music, iClassical created an ecosystem for musicians, where you find content that is accessible by anyone, for free.  iClassical Academy provides conservatory-level training to classical musicians around the world…

…and it starts with musiXange, a collection of various useful musical services. Let me give you a short overview of all the free services for musicians you will find.


The main mission of iClassical Academy is to offer conservatory-level video masterclasses, taught by master teachers of the violin, cello, piano, and trumpet (so far!). Our best content is accessible to our subscribers, but we also want to give musicians some videos that might help them with certain pieces of music.

Enter musiMasters, which is a collection of more than 150 video masterclasses compiled for free viewing. If you’d like to check out these videos, click here.


When you visit Google to search something that is music-related, it can be pretty frustrating to sort through all of the search results – especially if you’re a classical musician.

Well, we’ve done the difficult work for you and compiled a list of useful classical music resources that you can use to find what you’re looking for. To see the list, click here.


Part of being a successful musician is promoting your talents to the world. However, in the classical music world, this can be a bit difficult, because there aren’t that many talent scouts out there looking for the world’s greatest violinist, for example.

We offer to any musician, of any age and level, the possibility to have a page published by musiXange with an exposer of all the platforms created by iClassical Foundation. The page will contain:

  • Your photo
  • Bio
  • Video
  • Your website address

This is a free service for all our musiXange members! Don't miss the opportunity and submit your material through the sign up here below. Find an example artist promo page here.


Making it in the world of classical music is more than just promoting your talents – you have to know how to manage your time, network with your colleagues, and continually boost your personal musical brand while maintaining an active performance schedule.

If you want to learn how to get your career started, click here.


You may have noticed that a lot of our content has an Italian twist – but hey, what has more recognizable European flavour than Italy?

“Vlogos” is Italian for “vlog” – as you may have guessed, this service is a collection of video blogs, containing informational and educational content for our musiXange members. These vlogs have been put together by both our Master Teachers and our company partners to provide valuable tools for your benefit. Click here to learn more.


Ah, yes – the blog. Believe it or not, blogs are still the #1 consumed written content in the world, having surprised books altogether. They’re quick, straight to the point, and many times very informative.

We have put together a growing collection of useful blogs, and we are accepting submissions from experienced classical musicians! If you can write, feel free to contact us here. Otherwise, check out our current blogs by clicking here.


If you’ve ever been on YouTube, then you know that there are tens of thousands of classical music videos. An increasing number of these videos are “how to” tutorials, home recordings from private teachers on a piece of music, and so on.

We’ve selected our own “how to” videos from YouTube itself that we feel best describes how you can successfully set up your own home studio. If you want to learn how to set up your own home recording studio, click here.


If you aren’t a musician, but you want to help support classical musicians, consider donating to iClassical Academy through mus’Angel, our “angel investor” portal. We accept donations of any amount, of course, but certain amounts will give student access to our paid memberships and much more!

To give the gift of music education, click here to check out our donation levels.

musiXange: Free musical services for musicians everywhere!

By now you’ve learned that iClassical Academy has much more to offer than just our classical music tutorials and masterclasses. To see all of our musiXange services and subscribe for free, click here.