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By Kenny Sahr

iClassical academy offers dozens of master classes recorded by some of the world’s most eminent classical musicians using state-of-the-art technologies. By connecting HD master class recordings to a mobile responsive website leveraging the newest in messaging and content sharing, iClassical Academy is attracting students from all over the world.
The above roadmap for transforming online music school will continue with many more technological and pedagogical advances in the years to come. iClassical Academy connects young musicians with some of the world’s most accomplished teachers.

Transformation in music learning

Online music learned is poised to push the transformation. Unlike traditional university topics which are based on essentially memorizing and regurgitating content, music and the arts require “extra dimensions” from the student-teacher interaction.

The first step is the move to HD. High Definition isn’t just for NetFlix videos - it is the only way to convey a music lesson. One camera is fine for a professorial lecture, while a master class is best recorded as a modern sports event - with multiple cameras and post-production.

Gyorgy Pauk and Elena Kawazu working on Mendelssohn Violin Concerto

Interaction of the student

The second step involves the interaction of the student. The music student doesn’t “turn it homework” or “take a written test.” A transformative educational experience requires the student to record a performance and send it back to the music teacher. The interaction jumps to a whole new level when the student watches HD master classes recorded in a professional studio and sees his or her teacher critiquing performances and etudes.

Uri Vardi explaining a student the Feldenkrais technic

Finally, the music learning experience of the future requires the cream of the crop of internet tools. Cutting edge chat and messenger tools will lay a foundation for the students to interact with professors and other students.

What do Professors say about iClassical Academy?

"The amazing part of iClassical Academy isn’t being online - it is the high level of music instruction that it offers. "

Amit Peled on the set in Italy

Amit Peled
"The experience has been very fulfilling to me. I believe that education is the key to a better world. By offering more students the chance to learn music, we are making the world a better place. iClassical Academy opens minds to the arts"
Virginie Robilliard

Virginie Robilliard at the iclassical academy set

"Many promising students around the world don’t have access to a classical music conservatory. Thanks to iClassical Academy, students can learn from our master classes that they otherwise would never have been exposed to."
Virginie Robilliard

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