Home Recording Guitar

How to Home Record the Guitar - basic technique (Acoustic and Classical)

By Gianriccardo Pera

To record a guitar in your home can be definitely easy and bring you lots of satisfaction. It gives you the chance to show to your potential clients & colleagues the actual level of your work as a musician. It offers you the occasion to improve periodically your technique as well as updating your works with new skills and enrichment.

Different microphones in various positions

Some basic points are actually indispensable to know, in order to not underestimate the matter and at the same time having the chance to master recording on your own with an extremely low budget. In this introduction by Audio-Technica you can see different microphones in different positions and the kind of sound they produce, so we recommend to watch this short video using a headset, even the one you use with your smartphone will fit.

We are NOT sponsored by any brand, so take the mentioned models and brands in the video as just examples; for each product, you will find there are lots of alternatives, we’ll be documenting about in next articles.

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