Unique of its kind

More than 100 instruments

The Fender Vintage Collection has more than 100 instruments, with all the original cases and labels, and are shown in chronological order. The exhibition is enriched by a high number of original posters, boxes, catalogues and pictures, so that the visitor can go for a real journey in the past, and live in the magic atmosphere of an unforgettable era, with instruments chosen by Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, Dire Straits and many other legendary names.

It was 1950 when for the first time an electric guitar appeared in a musical instruments shop. The beginning of what we call “the modern music age”. That guitar was built by legendary Leo Fender, the founder of the brand “Fender” sited in California (USA). His fundamental mission was to build simple and practical instruments, that could be functional and practical for every musician. Fender Factory always was a synonym of quality, versatility and handcrafting. Fender became a worldwide leader creating instruments that are used by many million musicians today, after creating the first electric guitar and the first electric bass guitar ever made.

Unique in the world

This Fender Vintage exhibition was collected and is owned by Flavio Camorani and Michela Taioli from Floyd Machine, with more than 30 years of research and accurate selection and expertise. This unique collection was recognised by the Fender Factory itself.

On request, we organise guided visits, seminars, demonstrations and workshops. Audiences are allowed to play the instruments (under guidance). This whole event can be perfectly integrated within other cultural events.

Floyd Machine from Italy performs on vintage instruments. Here an extract of THE performance in Crans-Montana, August 2016. In the context of the "Artists for Freedom. The Berlin Wall" exhibit.