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Reina Shibutani


"Music is my first language."

"The six sonatas of Ysaÿe were always with me in competitions, concerts, and not only on the stage, even when I had a hard time.

During the recording, I played all the sonatas with gratitude.

They have connected me to so many people and provided me with opportunities in my life.
I hope the gratitude I poured into this recording delivers peace to all people in the world."



About Reina

Reina Shibutani, Violinist

Reina was born in 1993 in Tokyo, and studied with Takashi Shimizu, Igor Voloshine, Benjamin Schmid, Friedemann Eichhorn, and Daniel Auner.

She also had recital tours and has been on national television several times in Europe and Japan.

She obtained the highest level of the French National professional certification, “Professional musician instrumentalist and concert performer,” after graduating at the top of the class from École Normale de Musique de Paris.

After moving to Austria in 2015, she was awarded a scholarship by Mozarteum Stiftung while studying in a Postgraduate course at Mozarteum University in Salzburg.

She won the 1st prize at the 8th Osaka international music competition, 1st prize and grand prize at the 11th “Premio Citta’ di Padova” international music competition, 3rd prize and the award of the best interpretation of Bach at the 15th Kloster Schöntal violin competition, 2nd prize at the 7th International Louis Spohr competition for young violinists, 1st prize and the grand prize at Agustin Aponte international music competition and many other competitions in Japan and European countries.​

This is a BIG discovery! What a fantastic violinist. Finesse and Style!

— Spotify Fan

Reina's precision made me melt into the beautiful Ysaye sounds. Such wonderful violin playing!

— Jacky S.

The whole collection has been put on my favourites!

— YT Fan

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