Astor Piazzolla inspired a contemporary violin composition

Astor Piazzolla inspired Federico Favali's "Astor and me" (video)

Federico Favali accepted to give us some explanations about his connection with Astor Piazzolla. In fact, he composed a piece inspired from Piazzolla's "Inverno Porteno". In the video below, he talks about both the musical and historical inspiration he got from the famous argentine composer and explains what "getting inspiration" means when a composer refers to an already renown piece to compose a new one.

The Italian composer graduated in piano in 2004 at Istituto Musicale "Luigi Boccherini" of Lucca. He graduated in July 2008 in D.A.M.S. (Fine arts) at the University of Bologna. His dissertation was an analysis of the first movement of the string quartet Op. 3 by Alban Berg. He teaches harmony and composition at NY University.

His music has been performed in various Italian cities and abroad: in Germany, England, Argentina, Indonesia and Japan. In the season 2013-2014, he was a composer in residence at the Teatro del Giglio of Lucca. His chamber opera "The Fall of the House of Usher" was premiered on 4th May  2014 in the same theatre.

He did a master in composition at the prestigious King's College London. Currently, he is attending a PhD in composition at the University of Birmingham (UK).

There's a quite unusual connection between Astor Piazzolla and the land where Federico lives; actually, Astor's mother was born in the same place where Federico lived until he was asked to move to New York University to teach Harmony and composition. In the video that he has sent to us you can listen to what he tells about his composition, with considerations about the four main parts of the piece.

and here is the straight original performance

The piece was performed by Alberto Bolognini, an italian violinist. He plays a Santo Serafino of 1734, formerly belonging to Cesare Ferraresi.

An enthusiast of art, cinema and literature, Alberto Bolognini’s intellectual curiosity has made him one of the most versatile violinists of his generation. His solo and chamber repertoire combine, in fact, well-known masterworks with rarities and rediscoveries, as well as a substantial series of contemporary compositions, many of them dedicated to him or commissioned by him. He appears regularly at the major Italian and European centres.

He teaches violin at the ISSM Luigi Boccherini of Lucca and collaborates regularly with several universities of the USA (Truman State University and Park University) as well as with the Orchestra Giovanile Italiana and the Accademia dell' Orchestra Mozart.


Federico Favali