Federico Favali, composer

"I have always been fascinated by musical theatre and more specifically by the contemporary musical theatre. I already wrote a chamber opera and I am going to write a second one. But all my compositions are inspired by imaginary theatrical actions (as clearly happens in Yemaya). I sometimes use theatrical gestures even in instrumental music. For all these reasons we can say that the theatre is the basis of all my compositions. This implies, among other things, a relationship with tradition.

The development of harmonic and formal styles used in the past have always been two central points of my musical thinking. Two points on which I conducted research, reflected and directed my production. These are aspects that converge on a node highly topical today, that is how to communicate writing music today with a contemporary language. These guidelines have led me not to despise consonant or melodic fragments in my compositions. At the same time, this approach does not keep me away from doing what I most cherish: to explore and to experience."

Federico Favali

The Italian composer Federico Favali (b.1981) writes music characterized by the use of theatrical gestures, a special sensibility to tone colour and a particular interest in blending them. Different colours in an action, in an image or evoked by words are translated into sounds, thus creating a fascinating environment.

The music he wrote has received international acclaim, being performed worldwide by many remarkable ensembles such as Birmingham Contemporary Music Group and Lontano Ensemble. His catalogue includes vocal music, an opera, solo instrument compositions and music for ensemble and orchestra.

In 2014 he received a commission from Teatro del Giglio of Lucca (Italy) for the chamber opera “The fall of the House of Usher”. In 2015 he was invited to the Daegu International Contemporary Music Festival, and in 2016 to the Crosscurrents Festival (Birmingham, UK). In 2017 he led the research at “Giorgio Cini” Foundation in Venice. He was awarded several prizes including most notable personality of the city of Lucca of the year 2014.

He is also active as a musicologist. Focusing primarily on analysis of contemporary music, his writings have been published by several sites and reviews. He graduated in piano in Lucca and musicology at the University of Bologna (Italy). He studied composition at the Conservatory of La Spezia, King’s College London, University of Birmingham and New York University. His music is published by Donemus.