Acoustic Guitar Styles In Modern Pop

Acoustic Guitar Styles In Modern Pop

by Johnnie Scott

The acoustic guitar is one of the most popular instruments used by artists of all genres. It is a vital part of the music industry and has created most of the modern pop artists you listen to and adore today. Many artists have even started their music career by perfecting an acoustic guitar. This proves that these guitars play an essential role in the entertainment industry.

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Acoustic guitars are so versatile that there are various styles and methods to create melodies on one. They also come in different types of guitars that produce a unique intensity of the music. Most guitars have unique sounds, so it would be wise if you did your research before buying a guitar, depending on the genre of music you wish to play. Once you have decided on the type of guitar you want to head to guitar shop Pleasanton to purchase a stylish and unique acoustic guitar that complements your aesthetic. If you wish to learn more about acoustic guitar styles and modern pop songs you can play, then let's get started.


Six-string acoustic guitars

Six-string acoustic guitars are among the most common ones. It's the type of guitar you picture when you hear the words "acoustic guitar". They are crafted from materials like maple, rosewood, spruce or mahogany. However, the entry levels are made mostly from laminated tonewood. All of these have high-quality bodies that can produce beautiful, enthralling melodies. Some modern pop songs that can be played on an acoustic guitar are "You Belong with Me by Taylor Swift", "Hey Soul Sister by Train", "Royals by Lorde", "Payphone by Maroon 5", "Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars" and many more.

Twelve-string acoustic guitar

The additional strings can give your melody a more lush ring to your music's sound. A twelve-string acoustic guitar is a good option for more intense and complex music tones. The twelve strings on this guitar are paired in courses. The four pairs on the bottom are octaves, and the two pairs on the top are tuned in unison. It comes with a longer headstock to accommodate for the extra strings. "Carry On By Fun" and "Ticket to Ride By The Beatles" are some examples of pop songs you can play on a 12-string acoustic guitar.

Classical And Nylon String Guitars

Nylon string guitars are as popular as their classical guitar counterparts. Nylon string guitars are predominantly of 6 strings, but they use various types of tonewoods, bracing, and construction techniques if used for flamenco or classical playing style. Classical acoustic guitars are typically made of cedar, spruce, rosewood, and other resonant woods for high clarity and warmth. Flamenco acoustic guitars are very similar to classical guitars and create melodies to present attacks. Some modern pop songs to play on your acoustic nylon or classical string guitar are "All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor", "Love on the Weekend by John Mayer", "Photograph by Ed Sheeran", "Die Young by Kesha", "Diamonds by Rihanna" and many more.

Acoustic-electric guitar

The acoustic-electric guitar is the ideal guitar to play in performances or on stage. Electric guitars enable an amplifying sound that reaches large distances. Electric guitars' amplifying ability is one of the largest evolutions in the music industry when it comes to acoustic guitars. All you have to do is plug in your electric guitar to an electricity source, and you can play on a stage for a massive group of people. Electric guitars come in 6 strings as well as 12-string electric guitars, so you have a range to pick from.

You can play the same songs that you play on a nylon/classical guitar on an electric guitar; it has the same music, just varies with a higher intensity to reach a larger audience on stage.

In conclusion

The standard six-string guitar is the most common among all and is mainly used for most pop songs. Twelve-string guitars provide a more lush sound and can be played in rock and modern pop music. Classical and nylon are also more well-known 6-string acoustic guitars. Nylon is very popular for pop songs more than any other guitar. Finally, the guitar used to perform in front of big audiences is the electric guitar that can produce amplified sounds. All of the guitars above are acoustic guitar styles that can, and usually are, used in modern pop music and performers.

We hope this article proved informative and gave you insight into the various acoustic guitar styles in modern pop. Thank you for reading!