Birthday Personal Song Matthias Kadar


Are you looking for an original digital present? Matthias Kadar composes a personal birthday song for your loved ones, family and friends. Also available for other occasions such as mother and father day, memorial days, as a special gift for grandparents, or someone who lost a dear person. 

How it works

You buy this birthday present

  • You send us the name and a short description of the person you want Matthias to create a personal birthday song
  • Choose the text, a poem, your own words, some keywords or phrases (Nederlands, English, Français, Deutsch or Magyar)
  • Choose your style: classical, chanson or bluesy
  • Production needs two days
  • the video will be sent to you by we transfer and is free of copyright
  • intellectual-property remains with Matthias Kadar
  • you can also choose to have it uploaded on Cicerone Music and Art’s Facebook Page and share it with your friend. The surprise will be even bigger!

Do you need more songs? Buy the discounted package for three songs here