Birthday Personal Song Matthias Kadar


Are you looking for an original digital present? Matthias Kadar composes a personal birthday song for your loved ones, family and friends. Also available for other occasions such as mother and father day, memorial days, as a special gift for grandparents, or someone who lost a dear person. 

How it works

You buy this birthday present

  • You send us the name and a short description of the person you want Matthias to create a personal birthday song
  • Choose your style: classical, chanson or bluesy
  • Production needs one week (make sure to buy it in time)
  • the video will be sent to you by we transfer and is free of copyright
  • intellectual-property remains with Matthias Kadar
  • you can also choose to have it uploaded on Cicerone Music and Art’s Facebook Page and share it with your friend. The surprise will be even bigger!